Parent/Student Handbook

Parent/Student Handbook

           Teresa Stansberry, Principal


I would like to welcome everyone back to what is going to be another great school year at Doe Elementary School. I am very excited to be serving as principal of this great school. Our focus will continue to be effective teaching and learning for every child.  The faculty and staff at Doe are dedicated to working with you and your child. We realize that it takes all of us working together to create a positive learning environment in which all students can be successful. We would like to invite everyone that can to volunteer at our school. We know that not everyone will be able to volunteer but we do appreciate your active participation in educating your child.


Teresa Stansberry



Our mission at Doe Elementary school is to provide each student with positive experiences which will help them to become the best they can be by focusing on learning, relationships, and community involvement.

We believe:

  • All faculty and staff will focus on Student Performance Indicators for student learning utilizing research based and data driven instruction to help students achieve proficient or advanced levels of learning.
  • Building positive relationships on a daily basis among staff, students, parents, and stakeholders will provide a quality education based on the needs of the whole child.
  • Student learning is enhanced through collaboration and effective communication among staff and stakeholders.
  • Students must have a safe and secure environment for learning.
  • The provision and use of current innovations and equipment in technology prepares students for a world grounded in technology.


The Doe Elementary School organization is a student-centered environment with expectations for higher achievement of all students. The faculty, staff, parents, and stakeholders work together to build a strong educational foundation which prepares our students for the work world.


Doe Elementary has met the requirements established by the AdvancED Accreditation Commission and Board of Trustees and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement.

Doe Elementary Motto:

I like me,

And I will be

The best me

I can be.


  • Arrive at school on time every day.
  • Stay at school for the entire day.
  • Listen, complete assignments, and give best effort towards learning.
  • Respect others and property.
  • Use self-discipline.
  • Ask for help if it is needed.




Teresa Stansberry-Principal –

Bridgette Lewis-School Secretary and Bookkeeper

Shannon Wood-School Nurse



Grade                          Teacher                                   Email Address

Pre-School                   Miranda Horne          

Kindergarten            Laura Baird                   

Grade 1                       Katie Taylor                  

Grade 1                       Dianne Wilson              

Grade 2                       Evelyn Ainsworth         

Wendy Snyder               

Grade 3                       Brenda Potter                

Sadie Lundy                   

Grade 4                       Tammy Eggleston         

Language Arts & Social Studies

Grade 4                       Jan Eshelman                

Math & Science

Grade 5                       Mallarie Graybeal         

Math & Science

Grade 5                       Tammy Jarvis                

Language Arts & Social Studies

Grade 6                       Colleen Proffitt            

Language Arts & Social Studies

Grade 6                       Daphne Greene             

Math & Science

Intervention                 Missy Timbs                  


Physical Education      Eric Crabtree                

Art Education              Cydney Johnson             

Media Specialist          Patty Kimmel                

Special Education        Melanie Adams             

Special Education        Leanne Shoun                


Paula Howard-Occupational Therapist

Tanya Mink-Physical Therapist

Paula Stewart-School Counselor

Linda Wohlford-Speech



Helen Arnold-Instructional Assistant

Kathy Beam-Instructional Assistant

Marie Martin-Intstructional Assistant

Misste Phillippi-Instructional Assistant

Lorrie Shumate-Preschool Assistant




Kathy Crowder-Food Service Supervisor

Nancy Lewis – Food Service

Tammy Wilson-Food Service



Bob Wallace

Misty Williams



Grades K-2                                                Grades 3-6

4-Mastery                                                                                           93- 100 A-Excellent

3-Partial Mastery                                                                             84-92                     B-Above Average

2-Showing Progress                                                                        76-83                     C-Average

1-Having Difficulty                                                                           70-75                    D-Needs Improvement

69 and below     F-Unsatisfactory


7:30 a.m.                                                School doors unlocked for students (cafeteria only); 9:30 a.m. if we are on a two                                                                    hour delay due to weather.

7:45-8:00                                              Breakfast served in the classrooms for grades 3 – 6 and in the cafeteria for                                                                               Kindergarten – 2nd grades

7:30 a.m.                                               Students in grades 3-6 report directly to classrooms for Daily Review.

8:00 a.m.                                                All remaining students sent to homerooms

8:00 a.m.                                                (Tardy Bell) – Any student who is not in their classroom at 8:00 is

late and needs to get an admit slip from the office.

10:50-12:30                                          Lunch

3:10                                                        All car riders dismissed to lobby to load cars.

3:25                                                       All bus riders will be taken to the gym by teachers.


At the beginning of school, parents are asked to complete several information forms. Having this information returned promptly and correctly is of utmost importance. A record of this information is kept in the office in case parents need to be contacted. Please make sure all telephone numbers and addresses are accurate and clearly written. Please indicate whose phone number is being given if not your own. Please notify the school if you change your address or telephone number during the school year. It is very important that our records be up to date so that we can contact you in an emergency and so that we are following your wishes. Make sure you list all the people you want to be able to pick up your child on the information sheet. Please do not call the school attempting to give verbal permission to have your child picked up by someone not on the list. You are welcome to fax additional names for the pickup list or drop by the school and add them. We cannot release a student to ride in a car with someone based on your telephone call.


After the first ten days of school, students will not be allowed to transfer from one school to another in the county, unless the parents/guardian re-locates to another school district. Any exceptions to this rule must be approved by the Director of Schools or his/her designee.

Skyward Parent Portal

Parents have access to their child’s information in our Skyward Student Management System. This includes their grades in the teacher’s gradebook, discipline, attendance, and health records. Parents must provide their email address in order to access these records.


Parents should make a special effort to see that your child is at school on time and stays until

dismissal time. Children tend to feel upset when they arrive late and it is also disruptive to

teachers and students because instruction is interrupted.  The daily review of activities, which

is a research based strategy for improving student learning, will begin as soon as students are

taken to the classrooms. We appreciate your child being able to participate in this

important instruction.


remain locked until then due to no supervision. Parents who need to leave prior to the

7:30 a.m. drop off time, should make arrangements with family members or may utilize the

school bus.

Buses will begin arriving at 7:30 in the morning and supervision will begin at that time. As

students arrive, grades 3 – 6 will go directly to their classrooms and K – 2 will go directly to the

cafeteria. At 7:55 a.m. the K-2 students will leave the cafeteria to go to their classrooms. If you

drop your child off after this you will need to let them out at the front door and they will push

the buzzer button and the secretary will open the door for them. Students will not be

permitted to roam the building. Parents will need to drop students off at the front

doors near cafeteria. No parents will be allowed in the hallways before 8:15 a.m. Parents

entering the building at anytime must report to the main office for a visitor’s pass. Hallways

need to be clear for student safety and security.


PreK students will enter from the back of the building at the gym foyer doors. Drop off time

for PreK will be from 7:50 – 8:00 a.m. at the gym foyer doors. Students arriving after 8:00 a.m.

will need to be brought to the main office for a late slip and the teacher will come to office to

get your child. PreK students will be picked up at the back of the building at the gym foyer

doors at 2:50 p.m.  Parents must sign these students in and out in the mornings and

afternoons.  We appreciate everyone picking your children up on time in the afternoon.

Students not going home by their regular routes must bring a note to their teacher. The note

should be signed and dated by the parent. If your child is going home with another student,

we need a note from you giving permission and one from the receiving parent saying your

child will be going to their house. Both notes are necessary.

Parents will wait in the office lobby until students are dismissed or called to the office for an

early pick up. You must sign in if you are in the building waiting. Signing your child out prior to

3:10pm will result in a tardy on their attendance record. Try your best to schedule

appointments after school, we realize that sometimes this is impossible.


Students should be picked up in the office lobby by 3:30 p.m. each afternoon. Parents who pick

their children up past 3:30 must park your car, enter the building, and sign your child out in the

office. Any student who says they are a pick up, but does not have a note will be placed on their

bus to go home.


Occasionally school will be on a two hour delay or dismiss early due to snow, lack of heat,

flooding, or a host of other reasons. An automated call will be made from the school system to

notify you of any changes in schedules. The television news stations and radios, as well as the

school system website will announce any pertinent information regarding school delays and

closings.  If there is a two hour delay, the doors at the cafeteria will be unlocked at 9:30am.

Remember that phone lines need to be free for emergencies.


Research shows that when a child has a designated time and place at home to study each day it helps improve learning. Homework time should be used to review or expand skills if your child has completed all required assignments for the day. All grade levels are expected to read twenty minutes a day in addition to homework time. The reading time may consist of the parent reading to the child.

Reading material may include newspapers, magazines, cookbooks, etc. All assignments are

expected to be turned in on time on a daily basis. Students who come to school unprepared for

the day will use non-academic time to complete assignments. Each classroom teacher will

discuss the homework policy with students and parents at the beginning of the school year. The

information will vary by grade level. The school office and/or teachers are available to answer

any questions concerning the policy. Report cards are issued at the end of each nine-week

grading period. A parent must sign and return it to the school by the student. Mid-term reports

are sent home between grading periods.

End of the Year Awards

Doe Elementary will have an awards program at the end of the year in which teachers will recognize

students that have excelled throughout the school year. Not all students will receive an award and each

grade level will have their own list of awards that will be handed out. We hope that all students work

hard to try to obtain one of these awards. The following is a list of awards, but these may change as the

year progresses.

Kindergarten: Star Word Mastery & Number of Books Read, Count to 100, Top Boy and Girl Reading and Math, Most Improved Boy and Girl, Citizenship (Boy and Girl)

1st & 2nd Grades: Top Reader, Top Math, Citizenship (Boy and Girl), Star Words Mastery, Most Improved, and Math Fact Award

3rd Grade: From each homeroom Science Award, Math Award, Reading Award, Social Studies Award, Honor Roll, and Citizenship (Boy and Girl) from each homeroom

4th Grade: Highest Achievement in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies in each homeroom, Most Improved in both homerooms, Outstanding Student Performance in each homeroom, Citizenship in each homeroom

5th Grade: From each homeroom: Citizenship (Boy and Girl), Most Improved for each subject area, and AB honor roll

6th Grade: Top 2 boys and 2 girls from each homeroom will be awarded for each subject area, Citizenship (boy and girl) from each homeroom.



A school-wide discipline plan is in place and will be followed which will ensure fairness and

consistency for all students. A record of disciplinary actions will be maintained on each student.

Office referrals will be documented and will include the date, offense, and disciplinary action. A

copy of the disciplinary referral form will be provided to parents and must be signed and

returned to the student’s teacher.

Classroom management at Doe is very strong. There are very few office referrals. However, if a

student is sent to the office by the teacher, a copy of the referral form will be sent home to the

parents or guardians. If the matter is serious enough to warrant it, the principal will call home

as well.

Specific rules are as follows:

  1. Follow grade level, playground, cafeteria, and bus room rules.
  2. Walk when inside school building and hall.
  3. Chewing gum is not allowed.
  4. Remove cap when inside the building.
  5. Dangerous objects are not allowed. (Follow board policy)
  6. Toys are not allowed at Doe. (gameboys, CD players, cards, electronic devices not approved for school use, any other items that distract from instruction, etc.)
  7. Cell Phones are not allowed at Doe.

Possible consequences for inappropriate behaviors may include the following:

Conferences, time-out, time-out in another classroom, loss of recess time, extra assignments, restitution made by student, parent phone calls, referral to school counselor, student note to parent, lunch in the classroom, office, or ISS (In school suspension), after school detention, county discipline referral, loss of field trips, assemblies, and other special events, corporal punishment, out of school suspension, change of placement to another school.

The following offenses are considered to be major offenses and will require immediate removal from class:

Drug violations, leaving the classroom/building without permission, stealing from student or adult, hitting/kicking an adult, throwing an object which could harm or cause injury, challenging/deliberate disrespect to an adult, fist fighting or kicking in an aggressive manner, sexually explicit language, inappropriate touching, swearing, threatening an adult or student, deliberate destruction of property, deliberate spitting on a person or biting, verbal threats which could harm an adult, student, or property (bullying, harassment, and threats against student/adult/school).

Details regarding Zero Tolerance Offenses have been copied and provided for you in the back of this Handbook. Board Policy regarding tobacco use, searches, and police interrogations, procedural due process, and corporal punishment are contained in Johnson County Board

Policy and is available upon request or at


All elementary schools in Tennessee are required to maintain a 93% attendance rate. Doe Elementary has a goal of 95% attendance. We are very proud of our families who work diligently to support our efforts. Attendance is strongly linked to student achievement and therefore, students are expected to be present each day school is in session unless they are sick. Please make appointments after school hours or at the end of the day so that your child will be present the majority of the school day. Please do not miss full days due to an appointment. It is very important that your child be at school.

In order to receive the perfect attendance trophy at the end of the year, your child may not miss any time from school, excused or not.

Excessive absence reports are viewed once a week. You will be sent a warning letter if your child has three (3) unexcused absences. Five unexcused absences will result in a referral to the Truancy Review Board. Absences are classified as excused or unexcused as determined by the principal or designee. Excused absences shall include:

  1. Personal illness as documented by medical excuse in Grades K-12.
  2. A death in the immediate family (parents, stepparents, guardian, grandparents, brother, sister, stepbrother/sister, aunt, uncle)
  3. Required court appearance. (A written verification from appropriate authorities must be provided.)
  4. Religious observances as defined by state regulations. Annual cruises are not an excused religious observation.
  5. Circumstances which in the judgment of the principal create emergencies over which the student has no control.
  6. A one-day excused absence is provided for students when their parents or custodian is deployed into active military service. A one-day excused absence is also provided for students when the parents or custodian returns from active military service. Students shall be permitted to make up schoolwork missed during the excused absences.

All missed class work or tests (whether from excused or unexcused absence) may be made up if the student makes the request the day he/she returns to school and if class time is not taken from other students.

Any student in grades K-8 who has accumulated more than eight unexcused absences during the school year shall not be promoted to the next grade. Any documentation pertaining to a student absence must be turned in to the school within ten days after the absences. Although a parent note may be used to document a personal illness, it will be considered as one of the eight unexcused days. After eight absences, medical/professional documentation is required. The parent has the option of appealing to the Attendance Appeals Committee at the school level if he/she feels the absences were justified.

Attendance is a key factor in student achievement and therefore, students are expected to be present each day school is in session and remain until the scheduled dismissal time. Students who miss school on a regular basis, loose valuable instructional time and do not perform up to their potential on assignments and classroom/state assessments.  Parents must make a special effort to see that their child is at school on time and remain until dismissal time.

Tardy Policy

The following is the policy for tardies/early dismissals:

  1. THREE UNEXCUSED TARDIES/EARLY DISMISSALS: A written notice will be sent home to be returned with a parent’s signature.
  2. FIVE UNEXCUSED TARDIES/EARLY DISMISSALS: Students will be assigned to Time-for-Time during their scheduled lunch, special activities, or playtime and a conference with the Attendance Advisor.
  3. ANY ADDITIONAL UNEXCUSED TARDIES/EARLY DISMISSALS: Time-for-Time will be assigned (one Time-for-Time will be assigned for every three unexcused tardies/early dismissals) and a parent/guardian must meet with the Attendance Advisor.

Education stresses not only academic subjects and extra-curricular activities, but also those habits which go toward building good character. Punctuality and regularity are character-forming habits which may be established easily in school life by self-training in just such things as attendance.


The cafeteria prepares both breakfast and lunch. All students will be able to eat breakfast and lunch at no cost due to a grant that the school system received. Students arriving at school after 8:00am will not be served breakfast.

Parents are welcome to eat with their children during the students’ regularly scheduled lunch period. Check with your child to find out what time they eat. Parents will be charged the “adult” price for their meal.

Cafeteria Meal Prices

Breakfast                                                                             Lunch

All students at Doe will                                                    All students at Doe will receive

receive free breakfast.                                                        lunch at no cost.


Adults…………………….  $1.85                                          Adults……………………    $3.25

Milk    .75

Ice Cream   .75

Cafeteria Procedures

Maintaining good order and instilling respect for the rights of others are important responsibilities of the school.  To promote a pleasant atmosphere for socialization and fellowship, the school recognizes that certain rules of responsible conduct and behavior must be observed by all students during breakfast and lunch periods. Students are encouraged to:

  1. Walk orderly in a line in and out of the cafeteria.
  2. Make only one trip through the serving line.
  3. Talk softly to the persons nearby.
  4. Remain seated (on your bottom) at the table, except in cases of emergency until class has been dismissed to return trays and line up to leave.
  5. Always use good manners.
  6. Each student is responsible for keeping table and floor clean.
  7. All students must have 3 items on their tray.



Student dress and grooming will be the responsibility of the individual student and his/her parents within the following guidelines:

  1. Students should be clean and well groomed, and in compliance with state and local health, sanitary, and safety requirements.
  2. Dress and grooming will not disturb the teaching/learning process or constitute a health threat to the individual or other student.
  3. Shoes must be worn at all times. Sunglasses, hats and other headgear are not to be worn inside the building.
  4. No child will be permitted to wear any clothes with inappropriate words or slogans.
  5. No short or excessively tight clothing will be permitted. (While standing straight a student must be able to touch the bottom of their shorts with their fingertips.)
  6. Shirts that do not cover the stomach will not be permitted.
  7. Clothing should not have holes that expose skin.

The administration has the right to change or add to this list at any time. Parents will be notified of any changes.

P.E. Dress Code

Students should wear tennis shoes during PE class. Other shoes will damage the gym floor. If your child doesn’t wear tennis shoes on their P.E. days, they will have to sit out which will affect their grade.

Library Books

Students are responsible for lost and damaged library books. It is school policy that they pay for any lost or damaged items. Students that have not turned in or paid for their library books by the last day of school will not receive their report card.


It is mandatory that your child has an adequate certificate of immunization on file in the school office. Please keep your child’s immunization up-to-date. Failure to do so may lead to suspension or expulsion from school. All medicine must be turned in to the school nurse and medication forms must be completed. No medicine is to be carried to or from school by the child.

Parent Advisory Council

We have an active, effective, and energetic PAC, which continually expresses much interest in our school programs. Meetings are held once a month with the principal and some teachers to discuss school issues and fundraising possibilities.  Each year the PAC is involved in many activities. Research has shown that children of parents who are actively involved with their child’s school do better in school than those whose parents are not involved. Therefore, we encourage all parents to join and attend the meetings that are scheduled during the year. An announcement will be sent home prior to the scheduled meeting.

Parent Volunteers

We have an active Parent Volunteer Program. There are many ways in which volunteers can serve. If you are interested in doing volunteer work at Doe Elementary School, please contact the school at 727-2682. Last year we had a sizeable group of volunteer reading tutors who made a difference for our children. In addition, many people given up their time to proctor during TCAP testing. This is a critical role in which parents and community volunteers can assist. We are grateful for all of your help in whatever way you feel comfortable volunteering.                                       

Lost and Found

Students who lose articles at school should report it to their teacher who will check the lost and found items to see if the articles have been turned in to the office.


All visitors should enter through the front doors at the office via a buzzer system. Once you push the button on the right wall next to the front doors, the school secretary will ask you to identify yourself.  Once you are recognized, a button will be pushed and you will hear a buzzing sound. You may then open the right door to gain entrance. Once inside the building, report to the office, sign in, and secure a visitor’s pass. We appreciate your assistance in helping us keep our students safe. Parents are always welcome to visit and we want you to feel welcome but our first priority is the safety of the students.

Anytime you visit, park in the parking lot in the lined spaces provided. Cars parked in front of the entrance block traffic and cause congestion.  The buses have a difficult time going around your vehicle when it is in front of the building. In addition, please do not park your car in front of the cafeteria doors in the morning. This is where children are dropped off in the mornings and it causes congestion. It is unsafe for your child to get out of the car in the outside lane which is for flow through traffic. Parents should not release their children to go to the building from the parking lot unaccompanied.

Illness At School

If a student becomes ill at school and it is determined that the student should go home, the student’s parent will be contacted if possible and arrangements made for getting the student home. The school nurse will make this decision.

Accidents At School

In case of serious accidents at school, 911 will be called and parents will be notified.


It is the policy of the Johnson County School System not to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, national origin, creed, age, marital status, or disability in its educational programs, activities, or employment policies as required by Title VI and VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Title IX of the 1972 Educational Amendments and Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Complaint Procedure

If you have a complaint regarding your child you should talk to your child’s teacher first. Teachers will not be interrupted during instructional time, but you may leave a voice message and the teacher will return your call. If after speaking with the teacher you still have a complaint you should speak to the principal. You may set up an appointment through the secretary. In the event that the complaining party is dissatisfied with the decision by the principal, you may schedule an appointment with the Elementary Supervisor. If unhappy after that you may schedule an appointment with the Director of Schools.


Under the Tennessee State Board of Education’s Unsafe School Choice Policy, any public school student who is the victim of a violent crime as defined under Tennessee Code Annotated 40-38-111 (g), or the attempt to commit one of these offenses as defined under Tennessee Code Annotated 30-12-101, shall be provided an opportunity to transfer to another grade-level appropriate school within the district. Additional information regarding this option may be obtained by contacting Johnson County School System at 423-727-2640.

Tennessee Department of Education Contact Information

Answers to many questions and much helpful information may be obtained from the State Department of Education by calling 1-888-212-3162 or visiting

Legal Service Division

Division of Special Education, Tennessee Department of Education

710 James Robertson Parkway

Andrew Johnson Tower, 5th Floor

Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0380

Phone: 615-741-2851

Fax: 615-253-5567 or 615-532-9412


West Tennessee Regional Resource Center

100 Berryhill Drive

Jackson, TN 38301

Phone: 731-421-5074

Fax: 731-421-5077


East Tennessee Regional Resource Center

2763 Island Home Blvd.

Knoxville, TN 37290

Phone: 865-594-5691

Fax: 865-594-8909

Child Advocacy Group Contact Information

In addition to the state and local resources available to parents and children, there are many agencies and organization that offer support, information, training, and help in advocating for person with disabilities in Tennessee.  A few of these organizations are listed below:

The ARC of Tennessee is on the internet at

44 Vantage Way, Suite 550

Nashville, TN 37228

Phone: 615-248-5878  Toll Free: 1-800-835-7077

Fax: 615-248-5879    Email:


Support and Training for Exceptional Parents(STEP) is on the internet at

712 Professional Plaza

Greeneville, TN 37745

West TN:                                              Middle TN:                                          East TN:

(901)756-4332                                    (615)463-2310                                    (423)639-2464       


Tennessee Protections and Advocacy (P&A) is on the internet at

416 21st Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37212

Phone: 615-298-1080   Toll Free 1-800-287-9636

Fax: 615-298-2046


Tennessee Voices for Children is on the internet at

West TN:                                              Middle TN:                                          East TN:

(Jackson Area)                                   1315 8th Avenue South                  (Knoxville Area)

Telephone: 731-660-6365             Nashville, TN 37203                         Telephone: 865-609-2490

Fax: 731-660-6372                            Telephone: 615-269-7751             Fax: 865-609-2543

Fax: 615-269-8914


These are but a few of the organizations available to help with information, training, and advocacy. For a more extensive list visit the Tennessee Disability Services – Disability Pathfinder Database:

On the web page, select your “county” and the “service” you desire from the drop-down lists and click “Submit.”

This information is provided as a service to individuals seeking additional avenues for help and information. The Department of Education does not intend this as an endorsement or recommendation for any individual, organization, or service represented on this page.

All parents are asked to read and discuss the contents of the Doe Elementary School Handbook with their children. After reviewing the contents, please sign below and return it to your child’s teacher. We need a signature page for each of your children please.

Keep this handbook to reference throughout the year. Although the handbook is not comprehensive, it does provide a general framework for how we operate. Your compliance with the guidelines, policies, and procedures will help to ensure a more enjoyable school year for all.

My signature below indicates that I have received, read, and discussed the Doe Elementary School Handbook with my child for the 2016-2017 school year.

Student Signature                                                                                                         Date


Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                                        Date